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Zombie Shark Records VIP Label Showcase

||Zombie Shark Records VIP Label Showcase

Zombie Shark Records VIP Label Showcase

Bionic Buzz® got to cover Zombie Shark Records VIP Label Showcase at Unfriendly Studios in LA. A Killer Independent Record Label specializing in Alternative Metal, Industrial Metal, Nu Metal, Hard Rock, and Shock Rock. The label was founded by Noah “Shark” Robertson, drummer for bands such as Motograter and The Browning. http://zombiesharkrecords.com/

The showcase took place at Unfriendly Studios in downtown Los Angeles which is owned by the legendary Metal Sanaz. Unfriendly Studios a place for all your music dreams. From recording studio to rehearsal, private parties, shoots, events and more. http://unfriendlystudios.com/

Dirty Machine is built to last and refusing to follow the indie music scene that has been dominating California. Dirty Machine has tasked themselves with bringing homegrown American Nu Metal back to the forefront of the industry. Based out of Los Angeles, the crowd this band draws has been moshing to their down-tuned rhythm since 2012. Check out our sit down in-depth interviews with each member of the band along with live coverage.  http://dirtymachineband.com/

JUNK is a hard rock trio out from Texas. All original music. Celebrating their first full length LP, JUNK I. Opening up for some of the biggest names of rock and having their music scored onto movie soundtracks. We got their whole live performance with Noah filling in on drums and a sit down interview with the band members afterwards. https://www.facebook.com/Junktx/

Our interview with Noah-Shark Robertson (Owner-operator at Zombie Shark Records and former Drummer of Motograter) and Gonzo Warrior Dave (Radio host of L.A. RAGE)

Our in depth interview with the legend herself and owner of Unfriendly Studios Metal Sanaz.

Our interview with The Rift. Newly signed to Zombie Shark Records. The Rift is a hard rock band based out of Los Angeles with an edgy driving twist on rock music. Traditionally, a rift is an open space. It’s a place of possibility and promise. Los Angeles hard rock trio THE RIFT lives up to its moniker. https://www.theriftla.com/

Check out Natas Lived live! They are Justin Dummar a.k.a Context. Doug Peterson aka Scarab and Ricky “Oaks” Context has been a DJ for seven years. From the L.A Hardcore scene, to Salt lake, He spins anything from Trance to Hardcore but loves Hard Trance, dark nu-skool breaks and D&B. Context used to own and operate Utah’s former #1 electronic dance music production company SINENERGY PRODUCTIONS and has worked with several main stream electronic artists from Voodoo and Serano to Cosmic Gate as well as Playboy artist Faust and Shortee. Rippin up the workstation and backing vocals Context is ready to rip it up. Doug Peterson, with deep roots in fusion jazz and progressive instrumental metal, artist like Steve Vai, Tony Mcalpine and John Petrucci he studied under Edgar Cruz for a few years in Oklahoma City OK. and has done original work of all kinds. He brings a unique metal edge to the band and helps make Natas Lived a truly unique audio experience. And finally after 4 years of constant searching, Natas’s newest member, Ricky “ Oaks”. Oaks is an amazing drummer with a heavy background in Heavy Metal, who has finally added the perfect HUMAN element Natas Army members have been looking for. https://www.nataslived.com/

Check out Sindria whole set! Sindria is a Central Valley band dedicated to changing the world with music and creating a family of fans where we can all just be ourselves. https://www.facebook.com/SindriaBand

Riksha takes four guys and squeezes out as much sound and energy as possible. With a combination of both melodic and in your face vocal and guitar styles, Riksha hammers away with a musical montage of aggression, power and strength to create a new and bold sound. Check out photos from their performance at the VIP showcase below and ‘Five Stages of Numb’ is OUT NOW via Zombie Shark Records!

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