Spike Spencer is an internationally recognized, award winning voice actor and speaker, and the world’s #1 Master Trainer on Relationship Sales Dynamics™ – skyrocketing success in business and dating / relationships at the same time. He is an author, certified NLP coach, and a certified B.A.N.K.™ Trainer.

Spike helps highly successful businessmen to become highly successful on their dating/relationship side. Spike has written for Neil Strauss, Men’s Health, Your Tango, Singles Warehouse UK (Dating Expert), DatingAdvice.com, Carlos Xuma, and more. Through his fun dating/relationships website, www.DontKillYourDate.com, Spike is helping guys become better MEN, constantly improving themselves, and communicating with women; utilizing cooking, food, travel, humor and adventure as the medium.

In the business world, Spike brings insights from over 20 years in the real estate investment world. He has flipped, wholesaled, landlorded, and managed millions of dollars worth of single family and multi family apartments.

Using the Clear-Connect-Close strategies of his Relationship Sales Dynamics™ training, he helps entrepreneurs become more successful from the inside out. We got to interview the multi-talented Spike Spencer about his new book FOODGAME: A MAN’s Ultimate Recipe For Dating Success. Check out our interview with him below.

(Bionic Buzz) How long have you had this idea for your new book?

(Spike Spencer) Believe it or not, for over probably 20 years. I wanted to write a Bachelor’s Cookbook during my first marriage. Thought I had things locked up pretty tight in my relationship and business back then. But after a really bad divorce/bankruptcy, I lost everything. So apparently I had some more work to do before I could share my vast knowledge. So, I went to work, and learned everything I could about relationships in business and life, got several certifications, spoke in front of thousands of folks internationally with my “Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips”talks, dated a lot of amazing women, and finally settled down with my amazing beauty queen soulmate, who is also an incredible coach!

Did a lot friends ask for advice for dating and cooking?

I have had many discussions with my friends in the relationship arena. I wouldn’t say they asked for my advice per se. Advice isn’t what a coach does. We train people and guide them to figure out the answers for themselves; to find their inner strength. We give people things they can actually put into practice. Advice is rarely acted upon. As for cooking, I have had many people around my table. And they are usually quite happy. I have lots of videos out there somewhere of me cooking, and lots of recipes on my relationship site at www.DontKillYourDate.com

 You were one of the speakers at the 2019 City Summit in Burbank, CA where you shared the stage with Mario Lopez, Colin Farrell, Lynn Rose, Kevin Harrington, Randy Jackson, Allison Larsen & many others. Please share that experience.

Being there was an amazing experience and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to deliver my message. Positivity is contagious and the world needs far more of it. I have to specifically thank Allison Larsen (www.SoulIntuition.com), who acts as my speaking agent and publisher, who got me on the stage with one of my heroes, Les Brown. I also have to thank Ryan Long for putting together the event. He is amazing and has raised millions for charities.

What do you want a guy to walk away with after reading your book?

Very simple – If you want the woman of your dreams, you must become the man of hers. FoodGame is a great way to improve yourself as a man, connect deeper with the women in your life, and learn how to change from the inside out, which is the only way any improvement will stick. Foodgame is far beyond simple pick-up routines. This book is for professional guys who do NOT want to go play the “pick up” game.

When and where will the book be available?

I am planning to do a one day only free Ebook launch release at the end of May or early June. If anyone wants to be sure and grab a copy, they can start by getting a free audiobook download copy right now and get on the email list for release date at: https://dontkillyourdate.com/foodgame-audio-offer

I can always be reached for coaching and speaking at www.SpikeSpencer.com