Bionic Buzz® got to cover CES 2020. There we stopped by the Qingdao iGuan Technology Co., Ltd. to learn about their freesay translator. Qingdao iGuan Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, a high-tech company dedicated to the development of intelligent product, services and big data platforms. They focus on the machine translation industry to create a resource integration and sharing center. iGuan tech. advocates the concept of “core intelligence, experience first”.

Intelligence is not only reflected in the advanced application of the product, but also in the reliable and powerful service platform behind it; the user experience is not only powerful and stylish, but also shows continuous dependence and trust on the product.

Their GTA11 Intelligent Voice Translator is super easy to use. Translation buttons are below the screen, press and hold the button to speak; Release the button, and the device automatically collects the language to get voice and text translation.

Supports the following languages: Chinese, English (USA, UK, AUS, IND), Japanese, Korean, German, French (FRA, CAN), Spanish (ESP, MEX, Latin America), Portuguese (BRA, POR), Russian, Italian, Arabic (UAE, KSA, EGY), Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Filipino, Malay, Indonesian, Burmese, Cambodian, Bengali, Nepali, Javanese, Tamil, Cantonese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovak, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Catalan, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Latvian, Serbian, Croatian, Swahili & more!

Translation buttons—Press and hold the Translation button and say what you want to translate, and then release the button to get translation. Touch Screen—You can tap and swipe with finger. Power button—Press and hold to turn on/off , Press to sleep/wake.

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