Bionic Buzz® got to cover Wizard World’s Ghostbusters Fan Festival on the Sony lot. Here is the whole Ghostbusters Directors panel with Ivan Reitman, Paul Feig and Jason Reitman. They talked about past Ghostbuster movies and info about Ghostbusters 3. The event took place on the 35 anniversary of the release of the original Ghostbusters. Check out our other video coverage & photos below from the event.

We stopped by the Arizona Ghostbusters booth where our host Rossstar got a tour from their member David Miller. The Arizona Ghostbusters are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation bound together by their mutual love for the Ghostbusters license in all its forms and the personal pride and accomplishment that comes with volunteering. Their Ghostbuster costumes allow them to draw extra attention to many well deserving Charities. Since forming in 2007, the smiles and joy that our costumes have generated help them give to the community and put great meaning into our group.

Our interview with Jesse Wilson co-founder of For the Win Project. For The Win is a charitable organization giving children in special circumstances the chance to be their hero in their very own official movie poster. The charity has worked with  Sony Pictures/Ghost Corps in the past. Putting a young Ghostbuster super fan from Iowa that suffered from a respiratory condition known as bronchomalacia named Braeden in his own Ghostbuster short movie. Braeden got to stared with actor Dan Aykroyd in it!

We stopped by the ROK Comics booth to interview their CEO Matthew Spradlin. ROK Comics is creating great print comics for retailers around the globe. Some come to life in 3D animation and a soundtrack! You can catch their booth at future Wizard World conventions. For all info please visit