Bionic Buzz flew out as media to cover Star Wars Celebration. Hundreds of thousands passionate Star Wars fans from around the world came to Orlando, FL for the convention. The convention feature panels, cosplay, exclusive merch, & tons of amazing photo ops. Below are some of the best of the convention. Also check out our social media coverage we did at the con including our Instagram #lightsaber video that went viral. By @SteveSievers

Star Wars Live stage featured a lot of guest that was broadcast live online all day of the convention. We were luckly enough to get some clean photos of the stage and the amazing props/sets they had including a life sized Tie-Fighter!

So many amazing life sized props & photo ops. The great thing is many of them are built by fan groups from around the world. From giant AT-AT Walker to Rey’s down AT-AT Walker home on Jakku. Check out the photos below.