I was lucky enough to attend the live action Disney panel at D23 Expo with 8,000 plus passionate fans. Of course the last thing they showed was Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War footage. Oh my! Was it amazing. They had everyone in it. I could go on and on about it. But you can just watch my reaction video here about what we saw. I also talked about the Star Wars footage but Disney was nice enough to release that online. Also Marvel Studios had a booth at D23 Expo featuring costumes & props from upcoming The Black Panther & Thor Ragnarok movies. Even a sweet photo op with the The Grandmaster couch that we see in the latest Thor trailer. They had some statues covered by a black cloth that was lifted after the panel. Check out all the photos below. By @SteveSievers

Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park shows us behind the scenes of his work. Raw footage shot on iPhone7S plus. He is working on the upcoming films Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man & the Wasp, Captain Marvel. If you are a passionate Marvel film fan this is a must for you.