Early today I got to do the brand new Star Wars VR at Downtown Disney called Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire by ILMxLAB and The Void. If you follow our VR passion you can tell I love doing VR and as a big Star Wars fan this was a win win. Located at the old Vault 28 store, at first glance you wonder how they can fit a giant VR place into such a small space. However it goes back pretty far. This 20 minute immersive experience features you in a cannon Star Wars story set before Rogue One. A group of four people “rebels” are ordered from Cassian Andor to find what is inside a top secret Empire container. To find it you all must disguise yourself as stormtroopers and fly on an imperial shuttle to Mustafar. You even get to chose the color of some of the plates on your stormtrooper outfit.  K-2SO is with you throughout the mission which is so much fun. Things go south and then you have grab blasters and shoot your way out of trouble. I GOT A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS!

Besides being an amazing Star Wars experience, this VR is very unique. You can talk to your fellow rebels in it. You are on actually sets and can feel real things on the sets like controls or R2 units. There are other effects like you can smell and feel heat from the lava on Mustafar. The floors can rumble to give you a feeling of a real elevator when you are on moving platforms in the VR world. When you get shot from Stormtroopers you get a vibration effect on your VR backpack. Don’t worry you can’t die. There are some fun surprises in it but don’t want to spoiler it for anyone. With a tickets price of only $29.95 its well worth the price and experience for any passionate VR & Star Wars fan. I recommend you buy them a head of time since they are a time ticket. You can buy them Atom Tickets here. They have some exclusive merch for sale at it also. No photos were allowed inside but I took some at the front entrance. You can also view their trailer. By @SteveSievers