Today World of Disney store opened at Disney Springs in Lake Buena Vista, FL. Bionic Buzz® own Steve Sievers went this morning. Could this be a sneak peak of how the Walt Disney World parks open in July? Here is a timetable of what he experience and the safety guide lines in place to keep you safe at Disney Springs. For those who don’t know, Disney Springs is an outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex at the Walt Disney World Resort. For you west coast Disney fans, its Disney World’s version of Downtown Disney. To enter the store, you have to get a virtual que spot in line similar to how Disney does for Star Wars Rise of the Resistance ride at Disney Hollywood Studios and Disneyland.

If you haven’t been yet to Disney Springs, you have to get your temperature check to enter the area.

Its located inside each parking garage. Masks are required for anyone 3 and up to enter.

There are wash stations to wash your hands at Disney Springs.

Hand Sanitizer Stations are placed throughout Disney Springs.

When I arrived at World of Disney around there was a big line just to get a spot in Disney’s Virtual Queue.

There were markers or black tape on where to stand in the line to keep everyone six feet apart.

I got in line at 9:42 am and at that point it went back to 133 on the map above. Disney employees were quick to re-route the line need be to keep the distance between people or line or people just walking around.

Keep in mind the World of Disney store didn’t opened to 10 AM. By 10:17 AM the line went all the way over the bridge and almost became and giant circle.

By 10:31 AM I checked in to Disney’s virtual que spot. So I was in line for about 50 minutes. They asked for your phone number and amount of people in your party. Your whole party does not have to be present to get checked into the virtual que. They make sure that you received the text message above that you are checked in before leaving the line. I was told that I should get a text between 5 – 6 hours to come back to be able to enter the store. As you can see, I got a text at 1:31 PM. So it was 2 hours and 45 minutes later. First day so maybe they didn’t know how long people would shop? Or was it the big rain storm that came through later that morning that forced many people to go home? Who knows.

Once we were inside, there was plenty of space.

There are signs up to remind people to try not to touch items that you don’t plan on buying.

Hand Sanitizer stations through the store.

When its time to check out, there are markings on the floor to keep six feet apart. They also recommend cashless payment.

Each register area is cleaned before you purchased your Disney items.

Shopping baskets are cleaned between uses.

When we left later that afternoon, this was line to get in the Disney’s Virtual Queue. I was told that in 2 hours (roughly) they would be getting a text to be allowed into World of Disney.

An added bonus was First Order Stormtroopers on patrol above Disney Springs. They talk to guests below, just like they do on Batuu.

Overall I believe Disney did an amazing job keeping guests safe. Personally, I didn’t see people bunching up together. Should be interested to see how Disney moves forward with the opening of other stores and theme parks using the virtual queue. By @SteveSievers