Bionic Buzz got to interview Mike Mamrila the owner of No Heart Apparel. Their goal is to encourage people to follow their dreams and create a better life for themselves.  (Bionic Buzz) On your website the clothing line’s statement is “Life should be more than just making it through the day.  It is more than just a daily struggle to support your basic needs.  The days should not just blur together. Too many people are scared to break away from the norm because what they want to do is too risky.  Go out.  Travel.  Start a business.  Leave that job you hate and find something you love.  Life is too short to play it safe.  Make something more of it.” Here at Bionic Buzz, we are all about people’s passions. Where did your passion for fashion come from? I assume you had a job you hated and left to start No Heart Apparel. Tell us your journey.

(Mike Mamrila)My passion just came from a need for a creative outlet.  I’d been in bands for years but wasn’t able to find people to play music with any more.  I had been interested in started a clothing brand for a while but I always thought that market was over saturated.  I finally just said “screw it, I’m going to do it whether it makes me money or not”.  I just wanted a medium to express myself through.  To answer your 2nd question, no I did not leave a job I hated to start this company.  I did however leave my steady and fairly well paying job around 9 months ago to travel and really embrace the message that I am trying to spread through No Heart Apparel.

What inspiration do you draw for you design of your clothing items?

Before I come up with a design for our clothes, I try to think of a message I would like to spread.  I then turn that message in to a catchier sang and from there I just come up with a design to match that.

Right now you have tee shirts, tank tops, hoodies, hats, & beanies. Do you plan to expand your line into other items?

We actually have a few other items, besides those, right now.  Those would include coffee mugs, leggings and posters.  I absolutely have plans to add other items.  I really wanted to add board shorts and women’s swim suits for the summer but was unable to find someone who could print on those materials in time.  We should have those available by next summer though!  In the mean time, we have a new design we will be releasing shortly.

Do you sponsor any bands? If so which ones?

We don’t currently sponsor any bands BUT we are sponsoring an upcoming tour for a band called As We Are.  Tour dates are from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30 and go all across the U.S.  Check out what cities they are going to on their tour flyer.  You can find that on either of our Instagram.  @noheartapparel or @asweare_band.

Where can we stay update to date on website / social media?

The best ways to stay up to date are through our Instagram and Facebook.  Also, sign up for our mailing list through the website ( to be eligible for weekly giveaways!