I got to attend an advance screening of Captain Marvel last night at the RealD 3D headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA. The screening featured a pre-party with photo ops, food, open bar with Captain Marvel inspired specialty drink Smash and vintage arcade games. Along with free fannypack, aviation sunglasses and Captain Marvel hair scrunchie.

SPOILER FREE! The movie was amazing. The magic from other MCU movies with some amazing 90’s vintage easter eggs, humor & soundtrack. It ties in nicely to other MCU movies. Make sure to stay for two end credit scenes. The 3D was amazing with some much depth in the film. The 3D shines a lot in the scenes in the action scenes. Why is Captain Marvel better in RealD 3d? RealD’s patented “Light Doubling” technology creates the brightest 3D image. RealD is at least 2X brighter than other 3D. RealD’s “Ultimate Screen” is scientifically engineered surface which is 75% brighter. Surface creates sharper image, truer colors and no 3D ghosting. You can see Reald 3D + Ultimate Screen at  the RealD Premiere Cinema, Regal L.A. Live. Captain Marvel soars faster further & higher into theaters March 8th. By @SteveSievers