Happy THORsday! Great news for passionate MCU fans. Thor: Ragnarok tickets are finally on sale. If you saw our coverage of the Golden Trailer Awards, myself and everyone on the red carpet was drooling over the amazing trailer for the movie. Also character posters dropped today for the movie. You can see them all below. If you are really into the behind the scenes on the MCU posters I highly recommend you check out our coverage of Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park panel at D23 Expo. If you live in the LA area, The El Capitan Theatre is doing an opening night fan event for the movie on Thursday Nov 2nd. Buy tickets here. I’ll be at it. By @SteveSievers

UPDATED September 8th. Last night during the NFL’s regular season opener on Thursday Night Football, fans got a special new look at Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok.” The online release of this action-packed sequence featured Ambidio’s innovative sound technology for a truly immersive experience. If you missed it, its on YouTube now. I defly dig the Revengers name. I’ll buy a shirt with that on it.