Award-winning guitarist and composer Komie has already enjoyed a successful career creating music for hundreds of hit shows including Ozzy Osbourne’s World Detour, The Voice, NASCAR, Dateline, Late Show With Stephen Colbert and The Amazing Race.

His music has been featured in advertising campaigns for Diane Von Furstenberg, Bailey’s Irish Creme, Six Flags and Coca-Cola (amongst others) and has won several Emmy Awards for best music, 3 BMI TV Music Awards and a Clio nod along the way.

But despite all of these accomplishments, Komie desired something more: a project made purely for the art of it. No boundaries except one — it had to express the deepest part of his artistry at the highest level possible.

Aurora Dawning draws inspiration from Afterglow, but the single’s vocal component sets it apart from the latter. The song pays homage to the Aurora Borealis, the magical celestial events that famously occur near the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Komie, in a characteristically thoughtful and metaphysically inspired tone, poetically conveys the interplay between star-crossed lovers amidst an emotively dramatic backdrop of stellar guitar playing.

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