Bionic Buzz® got to cover Mae at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana, CA. In our backstage interview we talked about their where their passion for music came from, VR with their music & their concert, nostalgia about the 2000 decade music scene, upcoming tour plans and about inspiration for their amazing new album: Multisensory Aesthetic Experience. Their amazing set that evening featured an opening where the fans were able to take their smart phones and experience a light show that went along with Mae’s first song.

You could also buy a Mae VR cardboard to put your phone in for the VR version of it. You can see examples of this in our video interview. It was a pretty epic experience. Most people are on their phones now at concerts so I think its a brilliant idea. I am looking forward to more VR and music merging together at concerts. Their set was a perfect mix of new songs and classics from all their past albums. By @SteveSievers 

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