Bionic Buzz was at the 59th Annual Official Grammy Gift Lounge presented by MTG. The event took place in a tent right next door to the Staples Center in downtown LA. There we got the rockstar treatment while trying and reviewing many amazing products. Check out all our videos below. Host: Veena Goel Crownholm Videographer & Editor: Steve Sievers

We got stop by the Oxygenetix booth to learn the world’s most breathable foundation.

We got stop by the Trespass booth which is the UK’s most successful outdoor clothing retailers. Now coming to USA.

We got stop by the Okawa 1536 booth to learn how their structure only takes 60 mins to put together with no nails.

We got to stop by the Truth booth. A charity that exposes the truth about big tobacco companies. Find out about their brand new campaign #STOPPROFILING that launched at GRAMMYs.

We got to stop by the UniversiTee Box booth. A new monthly mystery box for college girls.

Interview with Gina Rivera who is president and co-founder of Phenix Salon Suites. Gina talks about her latest products, projects and talks about her experience being on Undercover Boss TV show.

We got stop by the FXP Fitness booth to try out their new portable Hula Hoop.

We got to stop by the Blue Nun booth and try their 24K Gold Edition Sparkling Wine. That’s right, it comes with gold flakes inside of it.

We got to stop by the Trtl Travel booth to learn about their new neck pillow which is available for sale on Amazon.

We got to stop by the Hasbro booth which was promoting their new game called Toilet Trouble. Think of it as pie in the face but with water & a toilet.