Bionic Buzz® got to cover the Purple Haze Experiential Project & Visual Eyes live last night at Wisdome LA Immersive Art Park. Like nothing we have ever seen before! Downtown LA’s new art park that catapulted us into new dimensions. Featuring five 360-degree projection mapped domes, an interactive art gallery featuring transformational artist Android Jones, next-level VR experiences by Microdose VR, and live musical performances and events! If you are passionate about music & art, then you must experience a concert inside their dome. Last night the spirit of Jimmi Hendrix was brought to life through the Purple Haze Experiential Project. Digging deep with passion, maturity, and conviction, Randy Hansen creates landscapes of sound, masterful guitar work, strong riffage, and remarkably authentic killer cosmic tones as he channels the Spirit of Jimi Hendrix through his Fender Strat. Releasing countless discs through the years featuring both stellar Hendrix jams and his own authentic Hendrix-inspired songs. Purple Haze Experiential Project is the world’s first Hendrix themed immersive 360 VR dome theater show. The program eatured amazing customized 360 dome visuals accompanied by go-go dancers, immersive elemental imagery & light-wielding artists.

We were blown away by the opening band Visual Eyes. Artwork from the band was projected all around you. You can see a lot of their artwork on their IG page. Their music is a mix of out of this world sounds mixed with epic landscapes of endless deserts. All members of the band are extremely talented.  Here is our video of their track Outlaw which is off their album Vibrations, out now via Custom Records. They got the crowd to help start the song out. Also check out their website where you can play a game inspired by their ‘Warrior’ track. Screen shot along with our concert photos below.