Bionic Buzz® got to cover NAMM Show 2019. There we got to interview Dan Palmer from the band Zebrahead. We got to learn about their new album Brain Invaders which drops March 6th in Japan and March 8th worldwide and upcoming tours in Japan and Australia. More info visit

Interview by @SteveSievers Check out review of Zebrahead’s new album below. Pre-order it now to get their new single ‘All My Friends are Nobodies’

Since 2006’s ‘Broadcast to the World,’ Zebrahead have put out a couple of catchy pop-punk records. With their latest release, ‘Brain Invaders,’ Zebrahead has ditched their usual sound for a harder one, reminiscent of their incredible 2003 record, ‘MFZB.’ While the relatable lyrics are plentiful, and the raps more on point than ever, ‘Brain Invaders’ is definitely more Sum 41 (‘Does This Look Infected?’) than Simple Plan (‘No Pads, No Helmets … Just Balls’).

The record clocks in at 44:05, and there wasn’t a song I disliked out of the 14 tracks. I found the choruses catchier than their last one or two releases, and the instrumentation and tightness between the band members is the best it’s ever been, and in my opinion, a few of the tracks could have even appeared on their first record, 1998’s ‘Waste of Mind,’ (See track 10 – Up in Smoke).

I would highly recommend this record to anyone that likes rock music. I believe that longtime ZH fans will love ‘Brain Invaders’ and hopefully they can pick up some new listeners as well, as they deserve the same size audience in the States as they have overseas.  Review by @DJRossstar