Bionic Buzz® got to cover Cinegear Expo 2018 at the Paramount Studios Backlot. It is the premier event for the technology, entertainment and media industry. At the event we got to stop Gig Gloves booth to learn about their products (Two Hand Touch & Gig Gloves) from Founder and President Daniel Shatzkes. The Two Hand Touch is an iPad and tablet case built into a lightweight harness worn on the chest or abdomen. This puts the iPad in an easy line of sight, and more importantly, allows for use of both hands on the iPad. Gig Gloves are the best way to protect your most valuable asset on any gig, job or show – your hands. Sometimes, your role is to support the performance not be a part of it. Not only are you not on stage but you’re not supposed to be seen at all. By @SteveSievers