Bionic Buzz® got to cover the 2018 Indie Series Awards. Founded in 2009, the Indie Series Awards (The ISAs) celebrate the best in independently produced, scripted entertainment created for the Web. Indie series are to Network TV series what Independent Films are to mainstream movies; innovation and creativity thrive and fanatical followers are the norm. The ISAs honor a genre that emphasizes artistic merit and social impact over corporate profits, however, the overall quality of the nominated shows is comparable to that of most TV sitcom or dramas—in fact, several past winners went on to partner with traditional television content providers.

Our interview with producer Terissa Kelton who is the VP of Development & Production at Rehab Incorporated.

Our interview with Thomas Petborisooth, Corey Powers & Dana Pollak from PA’s The Series.

Our interview with Patrika Darbo an Emmy Winner Actress from The Bold & the Beautiful. Along with her fashion designer Avery Jackson. Earrings & Ring by Elizabeth Garvin Fine. Ring by Cirari Jewels. Handbag by Timmy Wood, Necklace by Phillip Gavriel.

Our interview with Percy Daggs III, Kyle Walters, Katie Moest & Paula Rhodes from The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy.

Our interview with Lindsey Middleton & Kate Conway from Out with Dad series.

Our interview with John Loos & Becca Levine from John Loos: Too Big For This World.

Our interview with actor, writer, producer & musician Brian Beacock from the award winning webseries Acting Dead.

Our interview with Andrea Drepaul actress from Evolve: Year Zero, Far Cry 4 & SyFy’s The Expanse.

Our interview with Comedian, Radio Show Host & Motivational Speaker Michael Colyar.

Our interview with Wendy Litner, Meghan Heffern & Lauren Corber from the series How to Buy a Baby.

Our interview with Melanie Marden Actress, Producer, Director & Maxim Covergirl along with Jasper Cole actor from American Horror Story, Westworld & Model Home.

Our interview with Jennifer Bassey actress from All My Children, 27 Dress, L.A. Law & General Hospital along with her soon to be husband George Bamford actor from Law & Order & The Edge of Night.

Our interview with actress Marie Wilson & Jessica Morris both from The Bay & Ladies of the Lake.

Our interview with Michael Schneider, Floris Asche & Woitek Konzal from the award winning series Dear Mankind.