Bionic Buzz® got to cover the Los Angeles Premiere of Mind Over Matter. The film chronicles the inspirational story of Brandon Mendenhall, born with cerebral palsy, and his unbelievable journal to rehabilitate his then-paralyzed left hand in order to play guitar, while also overcoming bullies and stereotypes. The film is out now on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. You can order the film at Check out our red carpet interviews & Q&A below. By @SteveSievers

After the screening of the film there was a Q&A hosted by SiriusXM’s Jose Mangin with Brandon Mendenhall (film star & musician), Sebastien Paquet (Director), and James “Munky” Shaffer from KoRn.

Our interview with James “Munky” Shaffer from KoRn who also stars in the film.

Our interview with Brandon Mendenhall (Guitarist for The Mendenhall Experiment & star of Mind Over Matter) and Sebastien Paquet (Director of Mind Over Matter)

Our interview with Tommy Vext from Bad Wolves.

Our interview with Matt Pinfield from SiriusXM & MTV.

Our interview with Frankie Palmeri from the band Emmure.

Our interview with filmmaker & host of TrickyKid Radio: Roy Turner

Our interview with Chris Garza from Suicide Silence.

Our interview with Ben, Hedge & Nightmare from the nu-metal band Dirty Machine.

Our interview with Dillon D. Jordan executive producer of Mind Over Matter.

Our interview with Sonny Mayo from Snot, Amen & Sevendust. Who also works for the charity Rock to Recovery.

Our interview with Brandon Jordan from KillRadio. Who also works for the charity Rock to Recovery.

Our interview with actor Nestor Serrano from Bad Boys, 24, Dexter, CSI & Act of Valor.

Our interview with producer Sean E. DeMott.

Our interview with Dave DeRoo bassist for Adema,