Bionic Buzz® got to cover San Diego Comic-Con 2019. At the world famous con we got to artist from Deviant Art. First was Justin Osterling: IAmJustinO. Known for an impressive sense of movement and dynamism, Justin has been on Deviant Art for over eight years (on various accounts). His credits include DC, Image, Wizards of the Coast, and more in both the comic book and nerd space. Second was

Alli White: Skirtzzz A veteran of DeviantArt, Alli has been on the site for 13 years and is known for creating beautiful fan-art illustrations. She has worked with Nickelodeon and Game Grumps, and has also designed amazing outfits and costumes.

Nicole Echeverria: OhNips Creator of her own comic, OFFcell  Nicole has been active on DeviantArt for over ten years. Her exciting compositions and vivid colors have helped her work with esports teams and clients in the video game industry.