Bionic Buzz® got to interview guitarist for Incubus Michael Einziger & his wife composer Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger about their new app Mixhalo. Mixhalo is a high quality, real-time audio platform for venues and their guests that democratizes sound and unifies the live experience, from the front row to the nosebleeds. As HDTV revealed a level of seeing that most people didn’t imagine was possible, creating a point of no return to standard definition, Mixhalo delivers clarity and depth ears will crave.

Mixhalo’s outstanding audio experience is delivered directly to attendees’ own phones and headphones. Whether it’s a concert, a sporting event, a political speech or a conference, Mixhalo-powered events give every seat access to a better, more immersive audio experience.

We also chatted about working / touring with Hans Zimmer, their VERSICOLOR technologies, upcoming summer Incubus tour & their love for gold panning.