Right after I got my media badge at CES I literally ran into a Wookie with Rey. Keep in mind, this is my first time ever at CES. As a big fan of Star Wars/Cosplay/Comic Cons I thought OMG they have Star Wars here. Turns out this “walking carpet” was a walking booth at CES for this amazing new product called EyeQ by Parle Innovation. Inspired by the binoculars from the Star Wars films, it does look like it could fit right into the films. Its not VR, it’s IR. View HD, capture, stream live and share all at the same time! I’m very excited about this iPhone accessory. Can’t wait until it comes out for my Iphone 7 Plus. Check out more photos below. By @SteveSievers

Check out Mary Shulenberger talk about the product at the NMSDC by clicking here.

Watch Chewbacca walking around CES 2017 by clicking here.

To the left is what it looks like when looking through eyeQ. More info below.