REVEALED: Ancient Wisdom to Achieving Happiness, Health & Healing

Could the old adage and well wishes that people quickly bestow to others of “Happiness, Health, and Good Fortune”have a deeper correlation than we ever realized? Renown global healer Guru Yogi Mohan takes us one step closer towards the understanding of ancient fundamental wisdom in the development and eradication of disease. Take a closer look at his philosophies, principles, and ability to reverse and eradicate disease and deformities within the human body.

The ancient masters have provided us ample information in almost all areas of life and society. For many reasons, all of that wisdom was not passed down and communicated to current generations. For more than 30 years, the Heritage Campus has reignited ancient wisdom with a more modern approach.

The ultimate mission is to eradicate human conditions to include rare disease and disability. The current population of the world is struggling with many kinds of health-based illnesses of which many are rare diseases and disabilities. Irrespective of age, in every 26 years, a new generation is established. While natural process cannot be altered, over time, a degree of language, style, methodologies, and cultural understandings evolve.

Nevertheless, our limitations often involve our understanding of the underlying factors that attribute to ailments as well as implicit symptoms to behavior and physical reactions. As people are fundamentally weighed down by unhappiness, the result manifests into damaged health, within both body and mind. While the label to the ailment may sound simple, it is not so, as these are more than a thousand classifications to rare disease and deformities. There is a misinterpretation in the matter of aesthetic imbalance, disabilities, and rare diseases as fundamental problems—when they can verifiably be resolved using the original manner in which it was produced.

Metaphorically, these ailments are covered by a darkness that need to relax, let the light in, and come out from its shell. Every being is created based on a specific protocol, and when it changes, the protocol will be imbalanced in some areas. While the human species has remained mostly the same, we have evolved both culturally and technically.

Similarly, the evolution has also occurred in our overall health, well-being, longevity, and happiness.

Ancient healers have discovered the fundamental properties of common problems in every age after birth through death, through adopted principles, policies, and fellowship to maintain a healthy way of life and happiness. The early man used many kinds of applications with definite purpose, which are the keys of the mastermind.

We are quickly changing the world with a deeper, more holistic, and fundamental understanding of happiness, health, and healing.

At the Heritage Campus Trust, we are recognizing the ancient approaches and rituals as true sciences that offer capabilities to manage, eradicate, reform, and reinstall human disabilities with tools to forecast and reorganize them.

In fact, the Heritage Campus is undertaking a professional technical education program in Disability Elimination Technology, offline and online, which is conceived from traditional and heritage knowledge. The course content is based on ancient scientific philosophies that are void of any medicine. It is a one-year part-time course available for all working class—upon successful completion, the graduate would have the capability to normalize human conditions and rare disease.

This course is centered on learning how to eradicate medical in global human conditions, rare diseases and physical deformities associated with conditions, thereby becoming a practitioner of Disability Elimination Technology.

More information can be available from the website Everyone can be the part of disability elimination mission and eradication program.

After many successful trials we are focused on introducing another version of the health science to the world!

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