Bionic Buzz® got to cover Rock of Ages Hollywood Opening Night. Now for its 20th production in a brand-new custom-built permanent theater named after the venue at the center of the show, The Bourbon Room. With 6 years on Broadway and over 2,350 performances, 5 Tony nominations, 20 productions worldwide and 30 hit songs from the 80s, Rock of Ages is the best-reviewed, most-nominated, hair band musical of all time. Get your tickets now at

On the red carpet we got to interview the cast including Rock of Ages Broadway alum Frankie Grande as “Franz Klineman,” Sean Lessard as “Stacee Jaxx,” Callandra Olivia as “Sherrie,” Ian Ward as “Drew,” Stephanie Renee Wall as “Regina,” Matt Wolpe as “Lonny,” Chris D’Arienzo (creator & writer of the musical), Pat Towne as “Hertz Klineman,” Regina LeVert as “Justice Charlier,” and Chuck Saculla.

Our interview with special guest special Mike Kroeger bassist for Nickleback.

Our interview with special guest actor Drake Bell (Ultimate Spider-Man, Drake & Josh, Superhero Movie)

Our interview with special guests celebrity trainer Eric the Trainer and Chef Andre Rush, former chef to the White House.