Bionic Buzz® got to cover LEGOLAND California Press Conference for their 2020 plans. The big announcement was that LEGO Movie world will be arriving at the park in the spring of 2020. It will be built where Heart Lake area and the old Duplo playground was. The Heart Lake show has moved just like the Duplo playground. The carousel will stay but will be refurbished to be LEGO movie themed. Two new ride new to California, Unikitty Disco Drop and Master of Flight. Both rides are at LEGOLAND FL in their LEGO Movie World. However, Unikitty Disco Drop will have two of them in California. The ride drops, spins and bounces to the heights of Cloud Cuckoo land.

The Masters of Flight ride is a flying theatre attraction ride very similar to Disney’s Soaring Around the World / California. I’ve been to FL and both rides are amazing. Especially the technology in Masters of Flight. You can also meet LEGO Movie characters inside Emmet’s awesome apartment. My kids and I loved LEGO Movie World in FL and been hoping it will come to CA. Our LEGO prayers have been answered. We can’t wait! You can check out the full press conference below and our one on one interview with LEGOLAND CA General Manager Peter Ronchetti.