Bionic Buzz attended media day at SeaWorld San Diego for the  unveiling of the “Next Generation Sea-Life Experience.”  This immersive family experience, and the attraction’s signature ride Submarine Quest (see photos of ride below), is an underwater world of deep-sea discovery featuring rarely seen giant Japanese spider crab, slithering moray eels and imposing giant Pacific octopuses. Check out all the rides along with interviews with Amanda Trauger (Design Experience Manager of Deep Blue Creative at SeaWorld) and Mike Price (Assistant Curator Zoological Operations at SeaWorld )

Interview w/ Kristi Burtis Supervisor / Animal training at SeaWorld San Diego at media day for opening of new Orca Encounter. This new show represents an important evolution of how SeaWorld guests will experience killer whales. Presented in a documentary-style format and introducing a three-story, first-of-its-kind infinity screen, Orca Encounter features the state-of-the-art integration of verbal and visual storytelling.

I think SeaWorld did a great job with both new attractions. The live documentary style show is a great to show footage of Orca from around the world side by side with their whales. Check out the full show video. Having Ocean Explorer being interactivity is a lot of but also education for my daughter. Up next for SeaWorld is Electric Ocean opening June 17th.  The only nighttime experience of its type in the United States will transform the entire above-the-ground park to the look of the deep bioluminescent ocean below. SeaWorld becomes a whole new park after dark this summer. By @SteveSievers