With Valentine’s Day around the corner, ditch the chocolates and sweets for a special date night with your loved one(s) at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood where romance was actually made! Local residents can expect to be treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of their most beloved films and TV shows.

On the backlot, visitors can relive the classic love stories of Casablanca and My Fair Lady or the modern day romances of A Star Is Born and Crazy Rich Asians with authentic props and costumes from the stories that set the standard for utopian love.

Fans can fall in love again and again with the hit show, Friends, as they visit the original fountain and snap pictures on the orange couch to recreate the opening scene of the iconic series. More so, guests wishing to find their very own Luke or Dean can stroll through the small town of Stars Hollow and revisit the exact locations the Gilmore Girls fell in love. To understand the science behind human attraction, guests can head over to the original sets of The Big Bang Theory and explore Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment while contemplating the female minds of Penny and Amy.

SoCal residents from Bakersfield to San Diego in zip codes 90000 through 93599 can purchase general admission Tours online at an exclusive discounted rate of $57 until June 13, 2020.