Will travel for fun. That’s always been my motto. So when Opolo Vineyards agreed to have me over for their annual Harvest Festival Dinner & Gramp Stomp at the Opolo Vineyards in Paso Robles, I knew I had to make the 3.5 hour drive from Los Angeles. And I am so glad I did!

Before turning into the entrance to the vineyards, we were greeted by a family of deer. I knew it was going to be a lovely evening.

After check-in, we waited on line for the cute wagon to take us to the top of the hill for the event. Each attendee received a glass of Opolo’s sparkling wine (in a souvenir cup!) while waiting.  It was delicious.

Once at the drop off point, I was overwhelmed with excitement. The views were simply breathtaking. I immediately headed over to stomp some grapes, as this is an activity I had never done before. It was super fun and didn’t stain my feet like I expected. They even provided a wash station for attendees.

The wine was flowing all night, open bar, and we were able to sample 13 of Opolo’s finest wines. They were all available for purchase by the bottle, and I absolutely bought a few to take home with me.

The band outside were wonderful and helped to set the mood for a magical evening ahead.

After the ‘outdoors’ portion of the event, it was time to enter the giant tent and take a seat. We were treated to a buffet that included lamb, chicken, rice, shawarma, salad, bread, and  dessert. The food was delicious and I even went back for seconds.

The live music continued inside and the band played everything from country music to The Beatles. They had everybody up and dancing from the get go. While eating, we were treated to some authentic Serbian music and dancing. This both was fun and interesting as it was my first time exposed to this culture. Later on in the evening, guests were encouraged to come onto the dance floor and join in on some authentic Serbian dancing. I am not the best dancer, but they had guides to help you, and I thought I did a pretty decent job!

Sadly, at 9:00pm, I decided it was time to take the long trip back to Los Angeles. The four hours I spent at Opolo Vineyards’ Harvest Festival were some of the most fun hours I have had in recent months. Opolo made me forget about all my daily troubles, and I had a smile on my face the entire time.

Review by Rosstar.

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