The couch co-op game Aqua Lungers has officially launched on Nintendo Switch in North America  – and it will land on European and Australian stores two weeks from now (June 4.) The latest updates have also been pushed to the Steam version.

With support for 4-player local split screen plus a single-player mode, Aqua Lungers’ picturesque environments, non-stop action, and memorable creature designs are sure to make a splash on everyone’s favorite home console.

The search for glory and riches never ends. For centuries, the last great treasures have been lost to the depths as shipwrecks filled the seas with sunken loot. Now, those who want to get rich must don brightly colored diving suits and go where no one else dares!

In Aqua Lungers, players race through challenging stages while contending with deadly creatures and dastardly opponents to collect the most treasure. While everyone’s goal is the same, all players are afforded several options to give them an edge over their competitors. Some can use their speed and agility to outpace and evade their opponents, while others might use devastating attacks to slow them down and steal their hard-earned goods.

Those looking for a solo experience (or who’d like to get some practice in before challenging Real Human Beings™) can opt for single-player mode. While essentially the same as the default game, single-player mode retains the gold-collecting mechanic while increasing the penalty for deaths in each level. This shifts the challenge from “PvP racing” to PvE survival.

Aqua Lungers began as more of an academic exercise when I was just learning how to code. I had some other projects in mind that involved similar features to Aqua Lungers and wanted to try my hand at getting some of the basics in place. At the time, I’d been playing a lot of local multiplayer games with my wife and friends – and I felt like the world could use at least one more. I took the basic movement mechanic I designed, added split screen gold collection – and BOOM! Aqua Lungers was born.”

– Diego Almazan (Founder, WarpedCore Studio)

Key Features

  • Wreak havoc with split screen action for up to 4 players.
  • Survive 7 massive zones, 21 stages, and 7 boss levels.
  • Acquire and deploy devastating power-ups to eliminate the competition.
  • Play for keeps with support for TV, Tabletop, and Handheld modes.
  • Make your mark: Who can reach 3,000 points first?

The Steam version has been updated with the following features – all of which are also incorporated into the Nintendo Switch version at launch.


  • New zone complete with 3 new levels and final boss stage; includes a new enemy type and boss monster.
  • New story text added to level select map to help players learn about Aqua Lungers as they progress through the game.


  • Brand new boss music for boss stages.
  • Penalty for failing stages.
  • Pressing both bumpers now cancels weapon charge.
  • Whirlwind can now push non-physics based projectiles.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Performance improvements throughout the game.
  • Framerate now capped at 180 fps when vsync is disabled.
  • Improved level victory sequence.
  • AI and animation improvements for enemy creatures.
  • Several weapon charge bugs fixed.
  • Audio issues fixed for sound effects playing in rapid succession.
  • Sound effects added to many projectiles.

The Nintendo Switch port of Aqua Lungers is now available in North America for only $14.99. The game will be released in the European and Australian stores two weeks from now (Thursday, June 4).

Nintendo eShop:

Aqua Lungers is also available on Steam, where it retails for $12.99.

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About the Developer:

Founded in 2015 by Diego Almazan and located in Houston, Texas, WarpedCore Studio is a small indie studio seeking new horizons, ideas, and shared experiences. Aqua Lungers is WarpedCore Studio’s debut title. To learn more about Aqua Lungers, please visit