Bionic Buzz® got to cover media day of Two Bit Circus’s Micro-Amusement Park. Two Bit Circus is a location-based entertainment company exploring the future of fun. The team of artists, inventors, educators and performers build social games and experiences that aim to inspire, engage and reinvent the way people play. They are opening a network of Micro-Amusement Parks beginning with their downtown Los Angeles location. Two Bit Circus Micro-Amusement Parks are designed to be platforms where you play elbow-to-elbow among people who may have once been strangers. Inside, you’ll find the latest in immersive entertainment, multi-person virtual reality, an interactive theater, meta narratives and a full carnival canteen of molecular mixology and inventive eats. Smashing together everything we love about old school carnival games, circus performance, vintage video games, arcades and cutting edge future-tech, we created a brand new kind of social playspace. This place has a ton of entertainment. For this article we will focus on THE MIDWAY & STORY ROOMS of it. Check out our video tour with co-founder of Two Bit Circus Brent Bushnell. There is also Club o1, The Arcade, VR Cabanas, The Arena, Robot Bartender & Interactive inventions throughout the park.


Harkening back to a future era, our Park features nostalgic yet visionary Midway games of chance and skill, hosted by carnival barkers who engage you in friendly competitions. High visual impact draws players to engaging physical gameplay with swinging, tossing, shooting, rolling, pumping, and sorting. Approachability is key in this zone: games here are easy to learn, encourage both competition and collaboration, and have moderate skill requirements.

● Also key is physicality. Every game in this zone requires physical exertion, and interaction can be boiled down to simple action verb (ex: throwing, pumping,
rolling, etc).
● This zone is designed as an introductory game experience, getting guests’ juices and heart rates flowing, and priming them for a fun night of games ahead.
● The vibe is pure throwback, with lots of handmade flavor. Imperfection abounds, with irregular detailing, mismatched wood textures, and rough finishes.
● Warm wood and brown textures dominate, with small splashes of color to highlight.
● Lighting is predominantly warm, simulating incandescence, but smoothed over with cool glow of projections.

4 midway games at launch.

Last Ball Standing (ROLLING)
Knock rival players off increasingly difficult arenas to be crowned the last player standing. Players roll giant circus balls to steer their in-game characters into opponents, around obstacles, and over fun power-ups. 2 to 4 players.

Demolition Zone (SWINGING)
Swing your physical wrecking ball up and down a virtual skyscraper to cause the most damage. Smash power-ups and avoid obstacles to out-destroy your opponent. 2 players.

Rail Race (PUMPING)
Work in sync with your teammate to pump your train down the track to victory. It’s a best 2 out of 3 race against a rival team in this 2v2 contest of teamwork and coordination. 4 players.

Big Top Balloon Pop (TOSSING)
Throw colored balls at virtual carnival balloons in our physical spin on the traditionally digital Match 3 genre. Grab some friends to help you clear or change colors, hit special items, and try to reach the highest rank of balloon poppery. 1 or more players.

TV Photo Booth (VOGUING)
Artist Dan Dowding created this “selfie indulgent” photo op that encourages guests to
replace their physical heads with televised projections of themselves.

Skee-Ball (TOSSING)
Our midway will feature three alleys of this all-time carnival classic. Roll for the high score!


Story Rooms are a superset of Escape Rooms, in which a group of people must work together to achieve a common goal. The Park will feature three (3) story rooms accessible from the Transport Depot.

● 2BC Original – Content developed by Two Bit Circus.
● Third Party – Designed and developed by expert escape room or immersive experience third-parties in return for revenue share.

Story Rooms are enclosed interactive environments with very high degree of immersion. Similar in concept to the popular Escape Rooms, our take stands out by providing a variety of motivators and narratives that go beyond “find the key, escape the room”. Upon entering a Story Room, guests are fully enveloped in a new environment, with the rest of the world outside closed off, out of sight and sound. This zone is designed for more adventurous players, who are interested in novel approaches to games and stories.

The Story Room lobby is a combination of classy, upscale vintage and Twilight Zone illusionism. A wall covered in multilayered doors greets guests and invites them to discover what’s behind them. Dark blues and indigos dominate, with gold and brass accents in the door hardware. High contrast zig-zag patterns bring in a bit of Lynchian flavor, and generally flat lighting brings a bit of eerie hotel vibe. Past the entrance doors, each Story Room has its own independent art direction and color

Space Squad in Space
In this frenetic adventure, players find themselves on a spaceship hurtling towards doom unless they can work together to get the ship operational and overcome a series of challenges. A newly crafted branching interactive narrative structure ensures everyone leaves with a unique story to tell. 30 minute experience for 4 to 6 players.

Lost City
Players begin as adventurers in an abandoned mine, seeking the ruins of a secret lost temple to discover long lost treasure. Explorers have just 30 minutes to find the treasure or be trapped forever. Based on Budapest, PANIQ is a experienced pioneer in the Escape Room space and one of the first to open in Los Angeles with MAGIQ. With 10 locations around the world, PANIQ is well suited to building a unique custom experience for us. 30 minute experience for 2 to 8 players.

Asterion Modulemaze (also listed in the ARENA section of this document)
Mod dulMaze is a 6×4 meter physical maze players navigate while wearing an HTC Vive VR headset and backpack PC. Two experiences will be available at launch. Minotaur’s Maze: can you survive the deadly maze of the Minotaur? Dodge deadly traps and discover the secret of the labyrinth before the Minotaur catches you, while playing inside a real maze!
Virtual Rabbids: The Big Maze. The Rabbids are loose, and only you can stop them! Duck, dodge, and blast your way through a secret launch installation as the Rabbids try to stop a spaceship from launching. Can you stop them in time? Bwaaaaaaaa!
The Raft- StarbreezeVR Co-Op VR experience where four players steer a raft full of weapons down a river that has been invaded by monsters and demons. Players must work together to fight off monsters, defend the raft, and make it to safety. Players will wear backpack PCs with HTC Vive headsets and move freely untethered within the space of the raft. 0 minute experience for 4 players