Last night Bionic Buzz® got to be apart of Digital LA’s influencer crew at Dreamscape VR’s Media Night. Dreamscape Immersive is an entertainment and technology company. It creates story-based full-roam virtual reality (VR) experiences which allow up to six people to simultaneously explore a virtual 3D environment, seeing fully rendered avatars of one another. Last night’s media event took place at their location at the Westfield Century City Mall. At the event we got to enjoy light appetizers, open bar, photo booth & mingle with othr influencers before deporting into an amazing VR world. We got to do two out of the three experiences. First up was ‘Alien Zoo’ where we journeyed to a wildlife refuge in space and encounter the galaxy’s most endangered species. We even got to interactive with the creatures by petting them, playing ball & more. Our second one was ‘Curse of the Lost Pearl, A Magic Projector Adventure’ where we leaped into a daring adventure to break an ancient curse and find the lost pearl. On our adventure we got encounter snakes, spiders and a run away mind cart. I highly recommend both these VR experiences. So much fun with a big group of friends. Check out trailers & our photos from the event below. By @SteveSievers