Bionic Buzz® got to cover Cinegear Expo 2018 at the Paramount Studios Backlot. It is the premier event for the technology, entertainment and media industry. At the event we got to stop MK-V booth to see about their amazing products & how they are using VR as a teaching tool to get film students on an actually set. MK-V is the most advanced professional Modular Sled system in the world, available and ready for the next generation of film making. The MK-V System is a reliable, future proof, modular, weather proof, lightweight, comfortable and backwardly compatible system for all operators. The MK-V system can be configured with each job from iPhone to IMAX, Digital to film or HD/video. All their systems are 12V & 24v as standard and have HD-SDI.Their policy is to produce the best Modular, professional, simple, lightweight, cost effective, stable, and above all reliable camera stabilizing platform, that can grow with the operator and technology. MK-V Sleds are used by most of the industries top operators and companies and used on top movies such as Solo A Star Wars 2, Mad Max, upcoming Godzilla 2 and much more.