Bionic Buzz® got to cover CES 2020. There we stopped by the ORBI Inc booth to learn about their 5G live streaming sports helmet. Their state-of-the-art AI selects the best angles and perspectives. It puts them together in a 2D frame from multiple points of view, creating the feeling of being a player on the field! It bases its judgement on a number of factors: the proximity of the ball to any particular player, the density of the players per area, their speed, the rate of change of speed, the rate of change of trajectories, etc.

The result is the best viewing experience for the fans. Smooth as silk with real-time live streaming through 5G or Wi-Fi directly from the football on 8K, 60fps video ready for TV in real time.


Our solution makes Live streaming NFL games from the players’ perspective the most feasible and effective commercial application of consumer 5G. Our video post-processing AI + 360° video recording and streaming helmets offer unprecedented console game-like action captured from the player’s perspective for mesmerizing engagement of fans of all ages .