VR on the Lot was a two-day showcase of VR content featured in one of sound stage on the Parmount lot and in the theater. It was great to see major movie studios such as Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, NBCUniversal, and DreamWorks Animation involved in the event. While there are other great VR events out there, never seen one with this many major studios evolved. With over 100 guest speakers, 40 different companies showcasing their VR, and over 1000 Hollywood & VR leaders there to mingle with you…the day flew by for me. I was in so many different VR worlds from being buried alive in coffin to being a gunner in a WWII plane to being in the white house. Basically my body forgot to be hungry. When the event was over thank goodness they still had some snacks available. That is a big reason why I am so passionate about VR. You really do feel like you are in another world. Enjoy these photos and videos from the event. @SteveSievers

Bryan Singer (X-men films director) was a guest speaker at the event. He is also very passionate about VR and stuck around to try many of them. While I was in line for Epic Games’ ROBO Recall, he got to try the game in front of me. Sadly the event ended when it was finally our turn and we didn’t get to play the game. However Bryan Singer was nice enough to do a impromptu interview with us where talked about the game, his passion for VR, & more.

MIX MASTER MIKE the long time DJ for The Beastie Boys introduced his new 360/VR collaboration, Magma Chamber and announce the first EP and 360/VR album at VR on the Lot. Following it he did a intimate performance for at it, here is most of it. More info Magma Chamber visit his official website at http://www.mixmastermike.com/

At the Two Bit Circus VR booth we got to try the fun VR Turret simulator game. Two Bit Circus is a LA based company that lives at the intersection of technology and spectacle. Their turret simulator is the latest work from them and Digital Domain. For anyone who is passionate about history and VR like us will love this experience because it puts you in the turret underneath of the B-17 Flying Fortress bomber from WWII. You get to spin and tilt your aim your machine guns to shoot down enemy aircraft from the sky.

Talk about the darkest & craziest VR experience…MULE by Dark Corner Studios and features Visual Effects by The Mill Studio. You get in an actually coffin and they ask you if want to be “Buried or cremated?” and then off you go with nudity & gore in your VR experience. Can’t wait to see more by Dark Corner Studios, check Dark Corner’s website if you dare to find where you can experience MULE!

It was time for me to go to prison in the VR experience “6×9: a virtual experience of solitary confinement” The Guardian and The Mill from Los Angeles have worked to produced this nine minute long VR experience Documentary. Featuring audio from actually prisoners who were in solitary confinement. In the VR experience, I was placed my cell with little more than a bed and toilet. The VR experience produced psychological effects for me with blurred vision, hallucinations and a sense of floating. It was very trippy & intense. If you are brave enough you can experience this right now at home. Check out The Mill’s page or The Guardian’s page on 6 x 9.

Interview with Paul Padgett, host & founder of Rockers 4 Wildlife Radio show & charity. We talked to Paul about his passions in life, his charity work, & what he thought of the VR at the event.